About Us

My name is Karolina and I am a mum of two little people , An idea of creating All About Them came to my head when I was pregnant with my second child, I didn't want to change my pram but yet my daughter was too small to walk everywhere and then we found a buggy board that would solve all of our concerns as how to move around with 2 children, we were stopped many times while on our walks and travelling through airports and asked asked where did we buy it and then I realized this is it.... 2in1 buggy boards are now fully accessible in Ireland.  And here we are an over a year later , our products range has been enlarged by several different suppliers: Rollersy, ColorStories for Kinds, SLIPin, 

We are located in Athenry, co.Galway, 

We do ship our products everywhere in Ireland, Northern Ireland and mainland United Kingdom

and any other country in Europe

Looking forward to see you all shopping around with us, we are hear to answer all your questions, so please sign up to stay in touch with us

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