Boogie Board Attachment for a Stroller

Have you got a child that is not old enough to walk by themselves, but is beginning to outgrow the conventional buggy? Are you looking to purchase a boogie board attachment for a stroller, but not found a reliable supplier? If you believe that these questions directly relate to the situation that you find yourself in, it could be that All About Them is the company that you need to talk to. Our aim has always been to be a provider of first-class products, whilst keeping our prices competitive-yet-affordable. Although we are a relatively new company, what we lack in practical experience we more than make up for in sheer dedication to our craft. If you would like to learn a little more about the products that we sell, our customer service agents will be more than happy to help. You can find our contact information listed on our website.  


Benefits of Boogie Board Attachments For Strollers


We are sure that you have experienced this scenario in the past - you have been walking around on a family outing for hours, and your child’s feet have had enough. However, they do not want to get back into the buggy, as they feel like they will be missing out. It is in times like these that a boogie board attachment for a stroller, such as the ones supplied by All About Them, would greatly come in handy. No longer will you be drawn into an argument with your child, as this is a win-win solution for both parties.

What Do All About Them Offer?

Here at All About Them, we are the proud home of a number of different boogie board attachments for strollers. All of these products are designed in such a way that they not only are safe, but are also a source of entertainment for the children that use them. If you would like a basic model, it is likely that the Cosy Rider would be the perfect unit for you. This comes equipped with a safety harness, as well as handlebars - not only this, but its telescopic arms make it extremely easy to be fitted to a stroller. For anyone that is searching for a more deluxe model, it is hard to ignore the X-Rider Plus. This is fitted with a prop steering wheel, purely for the enjoyment of the user. If you find yourself intrigued in either of the products mentioned above, feel free to click on the respective links to find out more.

Not What You’re Looking For?

We appreciate it is important to be able to appeal to a wide audience. In the case of All About Them, this means having a catalogue of products which does not simply contain boogie board attachments for strollers. We have sought to expand the range of products that we are able to supply our clients with. Should you be someone that enjoys purchasing accessories, we have a stylish seat cushion that may catch your eye. Alternatively, if you would like some new children’s bedding, look no further than our Pink Forest 3-in-1 bedding. We recommend that anyone that is unsure of what they want, to take a look at this page on our website - here, you will be able see our extensive list of products.