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Trying to Find Durable Toddler Beds

Is your little one fast growing up? Are you finding that they’re starting to escape from the confines of their cot? Then perhaps it is time for them to have their very own toddler bed. Here at All About Them, we have some top tips on what to consider when looking for your first ever toddler bed. Our range of excellent toddler bed sets work well with any toddler bed frame, providing comfortable and beautiful accessories to make bed time that little bit easier. 


Who are All About Them?


All About Them grew when our founder Karolina, decided that having access to high quality baby accessories can make all the difference. While she was pregnant with her second child, she didn’t want to change her pram but she knew that her eldest wasn’t yet big enough to walk on her own. Then she discovered the buggy board, which helped transport both her little ones in one easy move. This was the start of All About Them, which has since grown into a popular small business that supplies mothers with exceptional baby accessories and toddler bed sets. No matter what you’re looking for, we at All About Them can help you.


What to Look for in a Toddler Bed


When the time is right to get your little one their own toddler bed, there are a few important things to consider. First is to make sure that the frame can hold a standard-size crib mattress. When you’re purchasing a toddler bed, you don’t have to also purchase a new mattress. Making sure that you can continue using your crib mattress will save you money and make the most out of your crib mattress. Remember, your toddler bed doesn’t have to necessarily be bigger than your crib, it is a protective step that will stop your little one from climbing on the crib bars and falling out of bed.


Ensure that your toddler bed is made of a sturdy construction. A well built toddler bed will be long lasting and safe, keeping your baby comfortable and able to sleep well through the night. Toddlers are well known for their rough and tumble, so it’s important that you choose a bed that won’t break while being used by your little one. Having an additional side rail added to your toddler bed could be particularly helpful if your toddlers are restless sleeper and you’re concerned about them falling out of bed. Toddler beds are not built high off the ground, so there is minimal risk for this happening, but a side rail will give you added peace of mind.


Looking for Accessories for a Toddler Bed?


If you’ve just bought yourself a toddler bed and you’re looking for some excellent accessories for them, then look no further than All About Them. From bed sets to side rails, we have the perfect accessories for you. For more information or to view the other products that we stock, feel free to browse our website and pick out some of your favourites. If you have a particular question or query, however, you can contact us directly either by emailing us at or leaving us a message via the enquiry form on our website.

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