THE BLW BIB was created for independent eating by the child from the beginning of the diet extension. The bib is attached to the table top with Velcro, which prevents soiling of the child's clothes and falling food under the feet.


The bib is universal, it can be attached underneath to the top of most baby feeding chairs or in the case of seats that have protection between the child's legs - just like the popular IKEA car seat, from the inside to the front strip of the seat top. The bib can also be attached to the table top.


Additional self-adhesive Velcro tapes are included in the set so that you can use the bib in several different places.


- Before using for the first time, attach adhesive tapes under the table top.

- Fasten the bib with Velcro and put the bib on the table top.

- Place the child in the seat and fasten the bib behind the neck.

- After the meal, unhook the bib behind the neck and lay it on the table top.

- Only after removing the child from the seat detach the bib from the table top.


THE PACKAGE CONTAINS: bib, adhesive Velcro.


After use, wash the bib with dishwashing detergent or wash in the washing machine at max. 30 degrees.

BLW -bib attached to the table top

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