In response to your needs, we have created a reduced version of the best-selling contrast mat, additionally available with arches.

Are you looking for the best mat for your baby, which will combine child-friendly patterns and colors supporting its development with safety and quality of workmanship? You don't have to worry anymore, the Contrast Sensory Mat "Baby Steps" is just what you are looking for!

In this part of mats there is smooth minky.

  • - Size: 90x90 cm +/-
  • - Thick foam combined with an antiallergic fleece
  • - 4 sensory toys + space for hanging other additional toys
  • - Quilting to prevent catching the material in a "fist"
  • - Composition: 45% cotton + 45% minky fleece (smooth) + 5% anti-allergic non-woven fabric + 5% foam
  • - Cleaning method: dry clean
  • From the first moments of life, a child's eyesight is his least developed sense. The image he sees is blurry and colorless. Research shows that in the first months of life, it sees best in large patterns and clear, contrasting color combinations such as white and black.

    Colorful and detailed pictures that delight you, blend into a homogeneous, indistinct gray spot for your little one. Your child's eyesight develops very intensively to become the main sense that allows him to explore the world. Therefore, it is easier for him to see clear contrasts and strong contours. The number of visual stimuli must be adjusted to the child's ability to perceive them, which influences the appropriate stimulation of the eyesight and the nervous system. This has a huge impact on the development of the infant's brain.

Contrast mat with handles by Babysteps