Dimensions: 85 x 100 cm (+/- 2 cm).

Composition: 100% merino wool.

Washing: gentle hand washing and rinsing in lukewarm water is recommended. For washing use high-quality liquids designed for washing wool e.g. Perwool liquid. Dry flat and avoid sources of intense heat e.g. radiator. Remember, merino does not require frequent washing.

Merino wool needs much less to be washed than other fabrics. Its natural fibres are not an environment conducive to the development of bacteria.

Merino has self-cleaning properties and does not absorb unpleasant odors. Blankets made of merino very often need to be ventilated to regain complete freshness in principle.

Manufacturer: YOSOY

Made in Poland.

Product of the highest quality, yarn of Italian origin.

Knitted blanket 100% MERINO WOOL