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Side Cozy Rider


Available for pre-order only


Side Cozy Rider with new innovative side attachment system that will guarantee even more comfortable walks with buggy board,

By introducing this new attachment type, Side Rider is compatible with nearly all prams, regardless what axis bar type and bottom design of any buggy. this model is different not only different in terms of the type of attachment but where it is attached to. Board is not placed at the front of you but next to you.

This type of board is suitable for all children from 12 months onwards and can carry up to 25 kg.



  • compatible with any type of buggies (prams, doubles, strollers, travel systems)
  • 4 wheels
  • seat with 3-point harness
  • steering wheel with adjustable height
  • Suitable for children from12 months onwards and can carry on up to 25 kg