• stabilizes the child's head and neck so that the child's head does not fall forward while sleeping in the car

• provides maximum protection for the child's head and neck

• Ideal for car seat, stroller, bike or airplane travel or at home for children aged Small 1- 2and Medium 2-6 years

• made of pleasant materials

• Fastened with magnets at the front and behind the child's neck;

Made in EU



The travel pillow allows to maintain the correct, straight position of the child’s head while in the seat, which is very important for his safety, and at the same time significantly improves the comfort of travel. The pillow ensures proper stabilization of the child's head and helps to prevent it from falling down and leaning forward and sideways when a small passenger falls asleep while traveling.


The pillow is fastened with magnets under the child's chin and at the back of the neck. The shape of the pillow, which is completely flat behind the neck, allows to maintain the correct position of the child, without unnatural bending of the cervical spine.


The cushion can be used in any means of transport, for example in:

- car seats,

- strollers,

- bicycle seats,

- bicycle trailers,

- child backpack carriers.


The size of the pillow has been designed in such a way as to provide comfortable conditions for a nap for children from about 1 to 6 years old. The inner circumference of the pillow is approx. 30 cm. The product was made of high quality, durable cotton "waffle", which is both nice and pleasant to the touch. The pillow should be fastened to the child's bare neck, without a scarf or a jacket with a hood. During use, it is important that the child's head rests on the pillow. The pillow can be used on both sides by placing a soft velvet or cotton waffle under the chin.



Handwash advisable 

Travel Pillow with magnetic closure

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