One of the first child's furniture should be unique. In our opinion, child should encourage itself to use it in an independent and safe manner. Our proposal is a beautiful velvet sofa dedicated to children who are already able to sit on their own. It is a piece of furniture that matches perfectly with the Velvet seat or swing that are available in our offer.


Dimensions: 90x30 cm, height 50cm

Children's age: 9 months +

2 side pockets


Velvet sofa, apart from its beautiful appearance, is extremely functional. It has two side pockets that are great as a storage for treasures or your childs favorite book. The sofa is comfortable and deep thanks to which it will serve as a piece of furniture for the first few years.

Removable cover makes it easy to wash and refresh at any time.

The sofa matches and looks impressive with our Velvet seat , creating a set that encourages

creative fun. In addition, we may add pillows, which you can choose in a different color for the set.

Our sofa is made of the highest quality certified polyurethane foam, which creates a comfortable and stable seat. The removable cover is sewn from a pleasant, smooth and quilted Velvet. The sofa has no dangerous edges and small protruding elements. It is light enough that a child can move the sofa by itself.

Velvet Sofa