Cotton Waffle Baby Blanket 

Cotton baby blanket – a snuggle blanket with a waffle structure and very thick and delicate weave – an indispensable element in a baby layette. It will be perfect as a duvet, pram blanket, or a baby  snuggle/ swaddle blanket.   

Your child can continue using it from baby all through to preschool years. It absorbs water well, which means it can also be used as a towel.

Size: 75 x100 cm

Made of: 100% cotton

Care: Recommended machine wash at 30 deg. C, spin setting max. 600 rev/min.
100% BAMBOO SWADDLE (100X100 cm) and 100% BAMBOO NAPPY (75X75 cm)

Soft and gentle muslin reusable nappy/swaddle from PETITE LAURE is a must-have of any layette, made of 100% bamboo yarn enriched with the Silver Plus Protection formula. An product that is indispensable in any everyday situation: as a cuddle-blanket, during feeding, winding, resting, alight cover, protection from sun, as a changing pad, comforter for sleeping or during teething, and also as a handy baby towel.


3 x A: antibacterial, antifungal, antiallergenic

  • free from pesticides and contaminants
  • water absorption 60% higher than that of cotton
  • self-sterilising (fabric self-sterilises in 30%, which provides the feeling of
  • neutralisation of unpleasant smells (it absorbs unpleasant smells and releases
    them only when washed in water
  • fully biodegradable
  • temperature regulation properties (bamboo fabric keeps the temperature 2 degrees lower from the surroundings)

Fabric dyes are user- and environment-friendly, which is confirmed by the OEKO-
TEX Standard 100 certificate.

Washing recommended before first use. With each wash the swaddle blanket becomes even more gentle.

Made in Poland

Composition: 100% CV Bamboo

Dimensions: swaddle: 100 x 100 cm ; nappy: 75x75 cm

We recommend a gentle wash at 30 deg. C, spin setting max. 800 rev/min,

medium ironing temperature, do not bleach. 

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