Purchase a Boogie Board for a Buggy

Do you seek a company that has a mission statement which revolves around improving the lifestyle of parents with young children? Are you searching for the perfect boogie board for a buggy? When it comes to having an extensive range of child-related products, none quite deliver like All About Them. We would love for you to get in touch with us, should you wish to find out more - in the name of convenience, we have listed our contact information below.

When it comes to boogie boards for a buggy that are able to simultaneously deliver a safe experience for its child inhabitant, and be a stylish accessory, we here at All About Them have perfected the formula. Our range of Cozy Riders are all able to be customised in a vast number of ways, all of which are designed to make day-to-day life a little easier for parents everywhere. All of our units are priced in such a way that is competitive-yet-affordable; our premium range is available for under one hundred and fifty Euros, with our standard products being typically twenty Euros less. With steering wheels attached, you can make travelling a fun experience for all involved, whilst there are stability wheels attached to ensure that safety is never called into question. 

Boogie Board For a Buggy

Since our inception, here at All About Them we have taken great pride in our ability to successfully implement and deliver first-class customer support. This, in tandem with our high-quality products, with a prime example being our boogie boards for a buggy, sets us apart from our competitors. As we are the embodiment of transparency and accessibility, we believe that it is important that should a customer, prospective or otherwise, have a query which they wish to obtain an answer for, they feel it is easy to get in touch with us. 


If you would like to email us directly, you can do so at allaboutthemireland@gmail.com. As an alternative, if you have a specific enquiry which you wish to make, you can submit to us a brief message outlining your question, coupled with your contact details, via our website’s convenient enquiry form. If you find yourself on our website, and are unsure about any aspect of the business, there is also a helpful live-chat window which you can utilise.